About Small Digits

Web/mobile development team from UAE, seeks to be a high value in app development. Small Digits made many apps on iOS App Store from 2011 (in Entertainment and Games app categories), and almost of these apps especially in the beginning were for trying to make something new, but they gave us an experiment and a strong will to create apps that meets end-users demands and contributes on making their life easier!

Who We Are?

Small Digits is founded in 2012 by Ahmed Alkatheeri (web/iOS developer) and Mohammad Khalid Alkatheeri (web/graphic designer) from UAE, and they made current projects.

What does Small Digits mean?

Small Digits as a word means to keep our work small and simple superficially. At the same time, it indicates to our current case which is being small as a team and projects.

Current Projects

These are our current projects (all of them based on iOS platform), we released apps on 2 categories currently which are games and entertainment, may be there is a new app category in the future.

Hummer Ball

iOS Game

Hammer Ball is physical and logical game, and its idea is to direct the ball to specific target by creating fixed/solid objects (Pins) which are helping ball to override the distance and entering ball to target.

Golden Tic Tac Toe

iOS Game

‘Golden Tic Tac Toe’ is an iOS game that allows for 2 players to challenge and make a match with each other or 1 player make a match with computer device itself, it’s made to be for two players using two symbols (X and O).


Mobile Game

Challenge yourself as a geek using linux commands to discover, protect, and install software packages in your virtual machine.

Quote Circles

iOS App

Do you like to read best quotes to inspire yourself? this app is for you! It brings inspiration and fun to you by reading best quotes and  tabbing specific circle to show quote categorized by keywords which are near to your interesting.

Throw In Target

iOS Game

Throw a ball in the right target to be winner! this game you should put a ball in target to be winner, but there is barrier against you to avoid you to put ball in target! and it needs to select the angel and power of ball throwing.


iOS Ent App

It’s a simulation of pipe smoking and fun smoke by touch! You can see the smoking air after choosing pipe and tobacco that you want, then you should tab your finger on screen with holding and move it from right to left. After that, just leave your finger, so you will see smoking air!

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You can contact us about our apps issues, ideas, development or media/press connection, and for other related subjects.

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