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New upcoming game that use linux commands

1 February 2016 - 10:20 am, by

In the past few months, there was an idea came to us about making people to learn how to use linux commands to discover, protect, and install software packages in their machine by creating an educational and interactive game that based on stages, so the user should finish one stage of game by using Linux commands up to move to next stage.


Currently we are working in a new game (its title will came later when game is ready) for iOS, which contains divided and closed stages except one which is the first stage, all of them enable for user to deal with the virtual machine using Linux commands.

List of features

  • Learn how to use linux commands: learning linux commands that used to move between directories, knowing current path, executing programs (linux commands like pwd, ls, cd, cat, exit, …)
  • Give you basic introduction to networking: how to know your machine’s IP address, what is a network and how to connect to a network.
  • Learn how to protect your machine: establishing firewall for your machine, how to deal with ‘iptables’ command-based tool.
  • Practice ‘learn by doing’ methodology when you finished each stage of game: user or player has to finished each task by using linux commands to open next stage, he/she has to learn little about commands that should be use by using documentation provided in game
  • Each task provided documentation of linux commands: useful documentation if you don’t know how to use special linux command, or which command is specialized for finishing a single task.

Demo Preview

Here is a demo preview of terminal window and using linux commands for discovering virtual machine of user


Until time of this post there is one stage is finished, so another post will published with new updates and final stages of game development process.

Author Bio

Ahmed Alkatheeri

microISV web/iOS developer, Zayed university cti security and network student from UAE.

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