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Inspired workspaces #1

11 June 2016 - 11:48 pm, by

If you want working creatively, you should have a workspace that increase your productivity and make you focus on the work softly, especially if you are a self-employed or employee for a company on specific career like web/mobile developer, graphic designer, publisher, or whatever.


To find a good and appropriate workspace, you will look to some samples of workspaces to get ideas of desks, spaces on the room, the way of putting stuffs like laptop/computers, chair, colors, and other factors from interior design that affect on your office work. However, this post shows the first collection of inspired workspaces that let you get more ideas for your next creative one.

I collect all of these workspace pictures from Pinterest, you can find more than this if search about ‘workspace’ in search engines, social networks, and picture websites.

Author Bio

Ahmed Alkatheeri

microISV web/iOS developer, Zayed university cti security and network student from UAE.

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