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Golden Tic Tac Toe new release (v 1.1)

29 January 2015 - 12:51 am, by

After one month from first release of ‘Golden Tic Tac Toe’ iOS game, new version of game is out on App Store with small updates. However, this post shows what’s new in this version, current statistics of game, and future of this game.


What’s new to this version?

There are two main updates of this version (1.1):

  • Bug fixed that related to playing with device type

    • Players who play with device fast will notice that the match is end with before symbols are completed, and the device is winner always!
  • Some improvements on playing with device type

    • By making the playing hard and choosing random cell when device is knocking first

Note: the bug related to making a game with device is depend on player itself where speed of playing is affected, so it’s still trying make the playing better without new bugs appeared.

Current statistics of game

From the first version of ‘Golden Tic Tac Toe’ there are 2300 downloads until now, and most day of game has been loaded was on 21 December in the last year (2014) where there are 446 downloads. These are some statistics related to number of times of downloading and playing depending on countries, devices, days, hours, views, winning, losing, and drawing.

Where users came from?

The table below shows most countries where players are came from.

Country Players Screen Views Average Time Spending
United States 874 25,820 05:39
France 122 4,113 05:57
United Kingdom 80 2,703 05:26
Russia 72 2,221 05:08
Canada 57 2,957 6:47
China 51 1,481 06:18
United Arab Emirates 50 1,397 05:34
Japan 49 1,462 04:49
Germany 46 1,230 05:27
Australia 34 701 4:30

Most devices used to play

The table below shows most iOS devices used for playing the game.

iOS Device Percent
iPad 53.41%
iPhone 43.14%
iPod Touch 3.45%

The most scene viewed

The table below shows most scenes viewed by players.

Scene Views
Total Scenes 100,448
Playing game scene (game scene) 95,327
Home of game scene (first scene) 5,073

Time of playing, new players, and returning players

The table below shows average time spending on playing game, and percentage of new/returning players.

Key Value
Average playing time 5:44
Percentage of new players 44.5%
Percentage of returning players 55.5%

The most iOS version used

The table below shows most versions of iOS operating system used to play the game.

iOS Version Percentage
iOS 8.1.2 40.5%
iOS 7.1.2 18.2%
iOS X (other versions) 13.1%
iOS 8.1 10.1%
iOS 8.1.1 8.3%
iOS 7.1.1 5.4%
iOS 8.0.2 4.4%

Player events (win, lose, draw)

The table below shows number of winning, losing, and drawing of game players.

Event Times
Number of winning times 18,132
Number of drawing times 16,482
Number of losing times 11,237

No new features will be added!

Unfortunately, new features like multi-user playing will not appear on new versions of this game as I said before because of working alone and targeting other platform I will keep this feature for other games that I will release in the future. The updates will remain if it’s related to fixing bugs and improving usability + UX.

But I wished to add multiplayer feature to the game and represented in the form of challenges as a league among players to make competition between players depending on points and number of winning times.

iOS platform strategy?

Small Digits start with developing iOS apps from 2011, and our full focus was on the development of this platform. I think that it’s time to support other platforms to get more users by depending on web technologies and new frameworks/libraries available for mobile developers.

However, we will be introducing to you our future strategy of mobile application development in a separate post coming soon.

Author Bio

Ahmed Alkatheeri

microISV web/iOS developer, Zayed university cti security and network student from UAE.

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