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7 Sources to get free music and sounds for your game

17 June 2015 - 11:59 pm, by

Any game needs music and sounds for making good user experience and making interactivity between player and game itself. If you want to create a new game you need accessories like music, sounds, and sprites to be prepared for your game, and it’s better have it already than make it from scratch if time is important for you.


So, some indie game developers don’t have a partner when they make games, so they use free prepared resources for their games for shorten the time of game development stages. However, this post provides 7 sources to get free music and sounds for game makers, it comes with describing each source to show features that may better than others

License and copyright

Several works like sounds, images, text, .. have a license which set a limit for the use of these works, so before using any of available sounds, make sure that it’s free to use in your own works, and you can contact the owner of specific sounds or music to take permission to use them.

Free music and sounds

I tried to collect possible sources of free music and sounds as you can see below, and some these sources provide direct download links and some of them you have to get it by using special apps to get the link of audio version (make sure that the work is authorized before getting the link!).



This website provides a lot of sounds, with listening to each of them before downloading. You can find different sounds for the same title, and see what other people say about each sound to know if it’s good enough. You need to login to get the download link.



If you search for sounds and music especially loop music that can be played on your game all time from start to end of game, this website has rich sources that you can listen and download. You need to login to get the download link.

Flashkit SoundFX


This website provides many sounds with ability to listen to each of them. It has very basic UI that help you find sounds very quickly. It needs an account for download any sound.



This website provides many resources for game developers like movies, audio, and art. The soundtracks there are free almost, but the it’s not ordered well by categories because it depends on active members there. However, you will find some interesting sources there.



Game Maker is popular game development platform that gives developers to prototype their games without coding (for the first stage of game development). This website provides extensions, and many of them related to music and sounds. You download them directly from forum posts that linked with appeared extensions on the website.

Open Game Art


This website offers many game resources like 2D/3D art, textures, tutorials, music, and sound effects. You can use search engine there to select your resource type. to download these resources you have to create an account.



It’s famous music social networks which contains a lot of music types in general. You can find game music there, but almost of them is owned by artists who want from you to pay to get the their music.

You can use some websites like Anything2MP3 and SoundCloud-Download to get download link of specific sound, but make sure they are free to use or contact with owner.


Author Bio

Ahmed Alkatheeri

microISV web/iOS developer, Zayed university cti security and network student from UAE.

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