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7 effective #jailbreak tweaks and apps that give you additional features

20 December 2014 - 5:05 am, by

JailBreak process is known for most of iOS users, and its work is breaking iOS limited features that came with official version from Apple. It allows for users to add new components to their device known as tweaks which are created by several developers and used through their sources on Cydia app that comes with the process of JailBreak installation.


However, many popular iOS apps came with few features that are not enough for users, and even users wait for long time to expect new features, they can get some additional features that related to social and music apps by amazing tweaks that available JailBreak market.

This post shows effective and useful 7 tweaks that can make some iOS apps interactive such as Safari, SoundCloud, Instagram, YouTube, and SnapChat.

How to install JailBreak if not have in your iOS device?

If you didn’t jailbreak your iOS device yet, there are many resources that describe for you how to do that, these are some of them:

The best JailBreak client that it works well for iOS 7 and 8 is Pangu, you can download Windows version or Mac version client depending on your operating system.

JailBreak Tweaks and Apps

These are Jailbreak tweaks and apps for iOS devices.

Phantom for Snapchat


If you use Snapchat which is one of popular social and video sharing app on your iOS device, this tweak is useful for you. It gives you saving videos and photos without.




This app allows for you downloading YouTube videos as mp3 files to your iOS device.




This tweak allows for you to play audio of YouTube video while the app isn’t in foreground using YouTube offical app. You will need this tweak if you want to listen to music and doing workout for example while your iOS device’s screen is locked.




This tweak allows for you replay YouTube video automatically after the video is finish using YouTube official app.




This tweak allows for you save photos and videos on Instagram to your Camera Roll by using more button on Instagram official app.


Music Enhancer


This tweak allows for you downloading music from SoundCloud and 8Tracks apps to any documents to other apps like Music app (Official music app for Apple on iOS).


How to use it: Music Enhancer tweak gives you ability to download songs from SoundCloud and 8tracks app

Safari Downloader+


This app is allows for you downloading any type of file from Safari and other apps to any location on your drive, you will use this app to download the music from SoundCloud and move to Music app using last tweak ‘Music Enhancer’.


Do you have other tweaks and apps not mentioned?

Tell us which other tweaks and apps that not listed on this post and share your experience!

Author Bio

Ahmed Alkatheeri

microISV web/iOS developer, Zayed university cti security and network student from UAE.

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